Information for customers and employees:

mamasolutions GmbH took over the shares of GmbH from the previous shareholders on January 25, 2019. In the future, both companies will continue their successful development together! Hagen Wolfstetter and Holger Weidmann, the previous managing partners, will remain with the company and will play a key role in shaping the joint development in important positions. In the following, the motivation and reasons for this decision will be explained.

How does it come, the two companies merge?

The business situation of GmbH has grown strongly in the last two years. The company founders Hagen Wolfstetter and Holger Weidmann find themselves in the typical situation: As entrepreneurs they should work more intensively on the further development of the company and less in the company. An unpopular role for the managing directors of, who would rather use their strengths and abilities in sales and customer projects.

The tense situation on the job market and the associated difficulty in finding qualified employees make organic growth of mamasolutions GmbH difficult.

In a cooperation between the managing director, Mr. Rudolf Böhm, and a management consultant, who also advised Mr. Wolfstetter by chance, it turned out that the acquisition of a company could be a good alternative for further growth. The contact was quickly established. Hagen Wolfstetter and Rudolf Böhm were on the same wavelength from the very first moment. In further discussions, a vision for the common future and the roles and tasks of the persons involved was gradually worked out.

As a result mamasolutions GmbH takes over GmbH. The previous managing directors of take over leading tasks in sales and technology and will thus make a decisive contribution to the joint success of the company.

From the left: Holger Weidmann, Rudolf Böhm and Inna Kossarev, both mamasolutions, Anja Wolfstetter and Hagen Wolfstetter, both