What does VC actually do? Episode 6: SAP again

  • VC unterstützt Kunden im Bereich Dokumentenmanagement, IT-Services, und immer wieder in großen Projekten. Wie zum Beispiel bei der Einführung von SAP, in Teilprojekten.
  • Subproject management:
    Project planning Expenditure estimation/ prioritization Tasks / chronological sequence
  • Mappings for Migration b2 to SAP with SAP Team tune
    (describe in result documents)

  • SQLs based on Result documents in technical files (Basis for direct DB queries via SQL or for development of evaluations in other report tool), for importing into LSMW
  • support for i-tests (integration test, comparison of legacy data etc.)

  • Consulting the key user for the Data migration (creation of reconciliation totals, inventory, etc.)

“After migration is before migration”Quotation: Hagen Wolfstetter

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